The Lost Princess in Desert’s Embrace

The Lost Princess in Desert’s Embrace


About The Lost Princess in Desert’s Embrace:

Annabeth needs to rescue her love, Ryan, from the evil Ice People in the North. first she must travel south and enlist the help of the mysterious Desert Tribes. They will test her limits, mind, body, and soul, making her question everything. Only by holding on to the true power of love can she make it through. But what if love’s power has been scorched away?


“If you like that kind of story, (admit it, you do) you will love this adventure where each episode ends with yet more at stake and leads to a heart-wrenching final showdown. You can read this book in the same amount of time it would take to watch a movie. In fact, it reads a lot like a good, old-fashioned film: lots of action you can “see” happening. But the fun of reading this aloud with your family makes it worth a lot more than a movie.”
– Amazon Review

The Lost Princess in Desert’s Embrace | $2.99

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