Josh Kilen

Josh Kilen Author and Provacateur

Josh Kilen started writing books when his son Sean started bugging him for bedtime stories that were more interesting than cuddly snails and happy butterflies hugging each other. So he made up his own. As the stories became more outlandish and fun, and his son’s bedtime routine grew more enjoyable, Josh realized that other parents might be interested in telling his stories to their kids. On a whim he wrote the stories, published them, and the rest is history!

A funny thing happened as he started to write, he found it rather difficult to stop his fingers. While typing, more stories bubbled up from the recesses of his mind, and he felt a deep urge to write those as well. Now it’s just a compulsion, a rather annoying one if he didn’t enjoy it so much. Josh writes bedtime stories (of all types), marketing books, and even a parenting guide (just some things he found helpful with his son). There’s more on the way. As long as his books keep helping people, he’ll keep writing them.

Check out one, or two, maybe even three of his books to see what you think.