Go Write Now – How to Become a Successful Publishing Author

Go Write Now – How to Escape the Tyranny of Big Publishers and Become a Successful Publishing Author


So many writers never realize their dream of seeing their books in print because they are waiting for someone else to tell them it’s okay to be a writer. Whether that someone is a book publishing house, an editor, or an agent, many would be writers feel like they need outside approval to do what they love. I want to tell you that it has never been easier to publish your own book, and you don’t need them. If you have always wanted to be a published author then this is your time to shine.

In this book you will learn:

– Why now is the best time in history to be an author
– How to craft a story that people will scramble to buy
– How to publish your new book correctly, the first time
– 5 ways to start making more money from book sales
– Advanced marketing techniques that can help you make a living at writing

– The one reason you have to be a Publishing Author

You don’t have to wait, you can be a Publishing Author today and start to live your dream right away. All it takes is some knowledge, hard work, and your passion for writing. This book will help you find your path to success.


“I had to put this book down several times, because I got so inspired, I had to write! It left me wth the feeling, “I can DO this.” But more than that, it confirmed my faith that writing is what I am meant to do, and that I am the hero of my own story.”
– Reviewer from Amazon.com

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