Clean Slate

Clean Slate: 9 Secrets To Getting a Job, Even With A Felony

Without going through the experience, no one can really know how it feels to have to look for a job. The pain and uncertainty of putting yourself out there, having to ask total strangers to take a chance on you, and the crushing defeat one feels when that dreaded rejection letter or email shows up. Even if you are completely qualified for the position, the lack of certainty can wear on you like nothing else. “Hunting” for a job simply isn’t fun.

In this book you will learn nine powerful ways to find and get jobs, even if your background includes some criminal activity. You may think there’s no hope but if you read and follow these secrets, you will find that jobs are easier to find than you ever thought.

In this book you will learn:
– The one thing you have to do before anything else in your job search
– Two powerful methods of instantly making your resume stand out
– Professional interviewing techniques that work!
– Two ways to make yourself extremely desirable regardless of your background

“An incredibly powerful resource for finding a job, especially if you have a felony. I cannot recommend this book more highly. I found a job in record time using just a couple of these secrets”
– John Klien – Former Inmate FCI Sheridan


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